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HVAC Systems in Schools

https://dirtyductscleaning.com/images/DirtyDucts_IAQandPublicSchools.pdf Many school districts across the country have either fully returned or in the process of bringing their staff and students back into the buildings for in person education.  While this brings excitement to all, it also come with fear as its related to the current pandemic. While schools have developed extensive safe return school plans with protocols including physical distancing, assigning small cohorts, managing sched ... more »

Asbestos Seam Tape

Asbestos Seam Tape

Asbestos seam tape resembles white medical tape. This can be found on the exterior of duct work at the joints, duct boots and where the return pad meets the joints. On occasion it may be covered with foil or duct tape by others to cover up the asbestos. If this tape is found it can be encapsulated or removed depending on the location and amounts. If the tape is in good condition than nothing needs to be done to it. When it starts to break off or fall apart then that is when the "spores" start ... more »

Dirty Ducts Offers Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Cleaning Services

To assist in overall communication with our team and yours, our Coronavirus (COVID-19) cleaning procedures are broken into 4 categories to include Phase I Limited, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV. Phase I Limited:  Proactive fogging and surface spray.  No known or suspect cases of anyone within the facility or those that facility staff have come in contact with or a facility member has traveled to an at risk area.  Phase I:  Proactive cleaning.  No known or ... more »

Should I Clean My Ductwork to Reduce The Spread of Covid-19

The CDC has not made any specific claims stating that you should clean your ductwork.  However, NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) and the EPA have recommended that cleaning your ductwork does remove source contaminants that contain unwanted bacteria, mold, and micro-organisms. Dirty air ducts can contribute to larger health issues, especially for those with respiratory conditions, auto-immune disorders, asthma, or allergies.  By simply removing the harboring dust and debris ... more »

Spring Cleaning Season is Here...

Spring Cleaning Season is Here...

Spring cleaning season is here.  While many think of furniture, carpets, drapes, and top to bottom dusting, not many think of cleaning the ductwork.  Your HVAC system acts as the lungs of your home or building and circulates all of the unwanted fugitive dust and debris that you are trying to stay on top of on a daily basis. Duct cleaning every 3-5 years can dramatically improve indoor air quality by removing the source dust contaminants that house unwanted mold, parasites, and ... more »

Dust in your coffee

Would you like some dust in your coffee?  Not at this well-known nation wide coffee shop franchise.  They take the strong recommendation of having their duct cleaning performed routinely as suggested for all commercial food and beverage establishments.  Not only should they expect to have better air quality, but they may also see a decrease in workplace illness.  Give a company like Dirty Ducts Cleaning & Environmental, Inc a call to help keep your employees and customers ... more »

12" Asbestos Floor Tile

12" Asbestos Floor Tile

When the conversation of asbestos floor tile arises, it is usually associated only with 9" x 9".  In addition to to 9" squares, several manufacturers also produced 12" x 12" that contained asbestos.  Either of these tiles that were installed prior to 1980 should be presumed to contain asbestos.  In addition to the tile itself, you should also be suspect of the glue or mastic.   The same should also be alleged for older linoleum or linoleum like flooring as well as the adhesive ... more »

Is Your Dust Combustible

Combustible dust awareness continues to be a very serious topic when associated with manufacturing facilities.  Common materials involved in combustible dust buildup include grain, flour, sugar, powdered milk, powdered metals such as aluminum, magnesium and titanium, coal, sawdust, etc.  To this day we still hear far too often of explosions that are not only crumbling real estate but more importantly, taking human lives.  Your facilities risk can be greatly minimized with a solid mitigation ... more »

Silica Dust Cleanup/Industrial Cleaning

  Silica Dust Cleanup / Industrial Cleaning Crystalline Silica dust exposure is a topic of concern especially due to new OSHA standards coming into effect in 2017 or sooner. We encouter it during our industrial cleaning operations and duct cleaning operations in construction projects, foundries, glass manufactures, refractory, ready-mix concrete, dental labs, etc. Crystalline Silica is a common component found in mortar, bricks, sand, rock, etc. It is the 2nd most common element in the ... more »

Asbestos Abatement or Asbestos Encapsulation?

Asbestos Abatement or Asbestos Encapsulation?   These two terms are thrown around the asbestos industry daily but may not mean much to the average consumer.   Asbestos Abatement is another term for Asbestos Removal. It is exactly as it sounds, the asbestos is removed from the building component, etc. The advantage of asbestos removal is that you do not have to deal with the asbestos again after it is professinally removed. The disadvantage is that the abatement/remvoal process takes more time ... more »

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