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We all know the dangers of asbestos to our health and most of us understand the dangers associated with asbestos removal.

If you have asbestos in the home, asbestos removal isn’t as simple as ripping it out and throwing it away; that can be as dangerous as just leaving it alone! Because of this, you need to find a company that not only is certified in asbestos remediation or asbestos encapsulation, but a company that specializes in it.
Many times, families or businesses have to leave their homes or buildings when asbestos remediation begins. That’s not the case 95% of the time with Dirty Ducts Cleaning and Environmental Inc. We have the knowledge and equipment for asbestos removal that allows our clients to stay where they live or work and know they are completely safe.

There is also a way to avoid asbestos removal with a process called asbestos encapsulation.

It is exactly as it sounds; asbestos encapsulation involves placing a “safety net” over the asbestos to avoid exposure. This is often done using a wettable mesh jacketing followed by a bridging encapsulate to secure the material for long-term safety. All work is done by our asbestos trained staff specially trained in encapsulation. Examples of items some owners have us encapsulate versus remove would be:

  • Piping Insulation
  • Ductwork Insulation
  • Duct Boot Insulation: This is common where the ductwork turns and elbows up into your floor vent, often viewable in your basement. Sometimes this material is also INSIDE the duct boot where the seams are located inside your registers.
  • Duct Seam Insulation: This is common where sections of ductwork come together on older homes. A 1”-3” wide strip of asbestos seam tape was placed on these two sections to create an air seal.

Asbestos Removal License:

Asbestos removal and asbestos encapsulation work requires licensing from the state you are working in (click to view our certification) assigned to that company as well as employee training and licensing. All personnel performing these activities on your jobsite are trained and licensed including annual recertificiation for asbestos remediation.


  • We have completed thousands of asbestos removal and asbestos encapsulation projects ranging in size from a single asbestos pipe fitting to projects in the millions of dollars.
  • We service residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the State of Wisconsin. We do not service other states.
  • We do work for the State of Wisconsin, Federal Government, local schools, and likely someone in your neighborhood.

asbestos removal for linoleum flooring
Asbestos Linoleum Flooring
asbestos remvoval for terrazzo flooring
Asbestos Terrazzo
asbestos removal of black mastic adhesive
12"x12" Floor Tile with Asbestos Black Mastic

asbestos removal on pipe insulation and pipe fitting
Asbestos Containing Pipe Insulation/Fittings
asbestos removal for transite siding
Asbestos Transite Siding
asbestos removal on boiler insulation
Asbestos Boiler Insulation

asbestos removal from duct seam tape
Asbestos Duct Seam Tape
asbestos removal services wisconsin
9”x9” Asbestos containing floor tile and associated Asbestos containing black mastic

asbestos removal and encapsulation from schools     asbestos encapsulation

asbestos removal from roofing tiles     abestos pipe removal