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Hospital and Medical Duct Cleaning Services

Nosocomial infections are also known as health-care associated infections (HAIs). HAIs are infections patients acquire after being admitted to healthcare facilities. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study estimates that in 2011 more than 700,000 HAIs occurred in acute care hospitals in the US, [pages 21 & 22] of which about 75,000 patients with HAIs died during their hospitalization.

Call us today to discuss cleaning your medical facility's ductwork and interstitial spaces. It is something to be taken seriously and can save lives and thousands of dollars in medical expenses and court costs.

We do several hospitals throughout the Midwest on an annual basis where “open surgeries” take place and other areas of the hospital are often done typically every 3 years. We have the experience and expertise to do the job efficiently with minimal coordination from your staff. We will meet with your HVAC team, infectious control department and housekeeping staff to be sure the job is done with 100% success.

Pricing is based on the HVAC system setup and linear feet of ductwork. We will visit your site and also obtain blue prints if they are available to provide you with a cost proposal.

Work can be done after hours, holidays or weekends to allow you to schedule easily during times when scheduled surgeries are at a minimum.

We can use our robots to access remote areas of ductwork above interstitial spaces not normally accessible.