Dirty Ducts Cleaning

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Dryer Duct Repair Services

During construction your HVAC Contractor does this work typically. We do not do new construction but we will fix existing condition items. You can also have this done by your HVAC Contractor but we’ve found more often than not these projects are too small for them to do effectively with their busy workload.

Things that we often find that we can typically repair:

  1. Long stretches of flexible dryer ducting. Today’s codes are much different. This condition creates a fire hazard and also creates kinks in the system creating a need for dryer vent cleaning more often. We can replace this flexible ducting with semi rigid or rigid ductwork.
  2. We find dryer vents with several 90-degree elbows in a short amount of space creating “plug spots” for lint leading to reduced air flow and an increase in a fire hazard.
  3. We find dryer vents that have become disconnected behind the dryer, in the wall or in the attic leading to moisture getting into the wrong spaces and creating mold, increased fire risk and reduced efficiency of your dryer.
  4. We find dryer vents that exhaust into the attic space versus outside, leading to mold growth in the attic and premature rot of your roof system.

Our staff includes drywall experts, allowing us to open wall cavities if needed so we can do the complete job so you don’t have the hassle of coordinating and finding other contractors to repair holes, etc.