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Insulation Removal


We do not install new insulation but often your home’s insulation contractor's work (sealing, venting, etc.) removes the existing insulation. We have the systems to do this efficiently to save you money. Our variety of hose sizes allows us to get into areas not accessible by personnel.

Yes, we do contaminated insulation removal as well, including insulation impacted by feces (bat, raccoon, etc.), mold, etc. We also do the remediation of trusses, etc. that are contaminated by these feces and mold (click here for our mold remediation services).

Vermiculite insulation can be found in attics. Please see our vermiculite insulation tab on this website. We can perform removal of planking and other items to access the insulation materials. This includes removal of storage items you no longer want in the attic.


Our dedicated team members and unique vacuum equipment allow us to reach into these dark, damp and tight crawlspaces to remove insulation types often with moisture damage or other contamination.

Wall Insulation

There has been a variety of unique insulation products installed over the years including foam types that turn to a powder over time. We’ve seen them all and have come up with affordable ways to remove this material during exterior renovations. Vermiculite insulation can be found in walls. Click here for information on our vermiculite removal services.

Insulation following or during a fire:

Fire departments have enough on their plates on a daily basis. We can address worrying about smoldering attic insulation after a fire is put out. We can remove the attic insulation using our vac trucks and place it into steel enclosed containers that can be sealed to reduce oxygen access for the fire. The fire department can than concentrate on other items / locations. If you are a Fire Chief please contact us for discussion and to put a plan in place for these unique situations.

Insulation following a fire often holds the smells from the fire. It is impossible to clean. Contact us to remove it. If you are a fire restoration company please contact us for discussion and to put a plan in place for rapid response.