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Duct Liner Coating Services

Liner is an insulation product sometimes applied to the interior of ductwork. This is often done for acoustical value or for R value. Overtime this liner can deteriorate and start to break off into the air stream where it makes its way to employee desks, food processing areas, etc.

If this liner gets wet or is subject to high humidity it can also develop mold.

There are many solutions for all circumstances. These can range from removing the liner and re-insulating internally or externally, coating the liner (this is coating specifically designed to be applied over deteriorating liner to combat air erosion), applying specialty coatings in high humidity or mold situations, etc.

We’ve done hundreds of jobs ranging from prisons to hospitals to schools to museums. We have robots that can enter small sections of ductwork allowing us to coat hard to reach areas. If you are experiencing small black particles on your desk in the morning, call us. We’ve seen it all and we’ve done it all.