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Catastrophe Duct Cleaning Services

Fire, water and wind catastrophes often lead to HVAC systems sucking in contaminates, water or smoke. Years of dust and debris in the ductwork may also be loosened up in these events leaving it sit loose on the ductwork bottom (just waiting for the system to be activated again to blow it all over causing recontamination of what you just cleaned).

After fire duct cleaning is almost always needed but often overlooked. Did you know that fire departments commonly use the ventilation system to help “purge” the smoke out of buildings? This is very efficient and saves thousands of future cleanup dollars BUT these ductwork systems will require cleaning before being run. We also commonly see smoke that is sucked in from fresh air systems when smoke from a fire was nearby (or even from a neighboring building on fire) creating “smoke smells” in areas of a building that did not even have the fire.

The dust, debris and ductwork insulation liners within these HVAC system absorb the smoke smells. The HVAC system (the lungs of the building) then becomes the endless source of these smoke smells until they are properly cleaned. It is important to have a plan put together immediately for HVAC system cleaning as often the systems are run during the cleanup process. If a plan is not in place, you could be causing recontamination of areas as they are being cleaned. We can also remove or coat duct insulation liners as needed. We have the robots, spray carts and experience to ensure your job is a success.

Water and wind events often lead to moisture in the ductwork system. We can use our vac trucks to dry these systems out properly and then perform the needed duct cleaning. We also have the knowledge on choosing the correct EPA-approved fogging agents if mold or mildew begins growing in the system before the cleaning is addressed. Water damaged liners can be coated, removed, etc. by us as well.