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Dry Ice and Cryoblasting

What is Cryoblasting?

Cryoblasting is the process of using dry ice pellets in various types of applications for removal of surface contamination. Examples include: Mold, Lead Paint, Grease, Smoke and Fire damage, Ink Removal, Injection Mold Cavities, and many other industrial applications.

How does it work?

Pellet kinetic energy, thermal, shock effect, and thermal kinetic effect all combine to lift away surface contaminants during the process.

Common Questions

Q: What Happens to the dry ice pellets?
A: Upon impact, dry ice pellets sublimate to a gaseous state and dissipate.

Q: What happens to the contaminate (e.g. – the mold)?
A: Contaminates can be dry, wet, hard or soft. Dry contaminates will break up into small chips and can be swept up or vacuumed. If the particles are large enough, they do not become airborne. If the contaminate is wet, such as grease or oils, the dry ice stream will move or push the liquid away much like a high pressure water stream would, except that the surface where the contaminate was will be dry and clean.


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