Dirty Ducts Cleaning

Clean & Healthy Air, Breath after Breath

Duct Cleaning Technology: Trucks

Our large investment into having one of the largest vac truck fleets in the nation allows us to clean ductwork ventilation systems, ceiling cavities, beams, etc. efficiently, effectively and economically.

Our Vac Trucks are self-sustained PTO driven units. They are complete with a large air compressor and vacuum systems. Dirt is collected in chambers right on the truck so we don’t have to drag it through your building or home. All filtration also occurs at the truck so it is not done in your building or home.

Do they suck? Yes they do. Upwards of 15,000 Cubic Feet Per Minute to be exact. A typical shop vac is 150 CFM so imagine 100 shops vacs being turned on all at the same time and attaching them to your ductwork or surface to be cleaned.