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Coil Cleaning Services

Any cleaning method may be used which will render the Coil Visibly Clean and capable of passing Coil Cleaning Verification. The following is a typical coil cleaning procedure:

  1. Turn off and lock out the main power switch to the unit and open all access panels.
  2. Record any pre-existing damage. We are not responsible for problems resulting from prior careless/inappropriate cleaning techniques of others.
  3. Remove Surface Loaded Fibers. If applicable, use a HEPA vacuum with a soft brush. A soft non-metallic bristle brush may also be used. The tools are to be applied in the direction of the fins.
  4. Wet finned surfaces with clean water and a low velocity garden hose.
  5. Mix coil cleaner as required with 100-degree water.
  6. Thoroughly apply to all coil surfaces including finned area, tube sheets and coil headers. Spray in a vertical, up-and-down motion ensuring the coil cleaner thoroughly penetrates into the fins.
  7. Cleaning solution should remain ‘wet’ on fins for 5-10 minutes (reapply as necessary).
  8. Thoroughly rinse surfaces with low velocity clean water in a vertical, up-and-down motion. Back flush towards the entering airside of the coil.

Post Project Report

At the conclusion of the project, the Contractor shall provide a report to the owner indicating the following:

  1. Success of the cleaning project. This is verified through visual inspection and/or gravimetric analysis.
  2. Any known areas of the system found to be damaged and/or in need of repair.

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