Dirty Ducts Cleaning

Clean & Healthy Air, Breath after Breath

New Construction or Remodeling Duct Cleaning Services

Dirty Ducts Cleaning does several brand new and remodel construction projects, retrieving gallons and gallons of drywall dust, construction demo dust, lead paint debris, dust mites, etc. It is very important to clean the ductwork as many times clients will move into a brand new or newly constructed building and discover that they are dusting all of the time and “can’t get ahead of it” or they turn on their HVAC system and literally see particles and debris flying out.

If a client is spending millions of dollars on a construction project, they will find the money well invested to average less than .2% of the construction cost to clean the HVAC system. This is the lungs of the building and the air they breathe day in and day out.