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Combustible Dust Services

Combustible Dust is a very serious topic. It is often defined as a particulate solid that presents a fire hazard when suspended in the air or another oxidizing medium. Common materials involved in combustible dust buildup include grain, flour, sugar, powdered milk, powdered metals such as aluminum, magnesium and titanium, coal, sawdust, etc.

If you are familiar with the term, you are likely familiar with the extreme catastrophe a combustible dust explosion can create, leveling buildings and taking lives.

Dust can arise from activates during transporting, mining, milling, blowing down of equipment, construction within the plant, or even a train passing by, causing built-up dust on beams to fall down.

The dust then has several available ignition sources in a typical plant such as electrostatic discharge, fire, hot surfaces (overheated bearings), arcing from equipment, friction, static, etc.

We have specialized equipment for combustible dust cleaning including air-driven motors on grounded combustible dust vacuums (motors are driven by pull-behind air compressors that are staged on the building exterior).

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