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Lead Paint Removal Services

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Unfortunately, lead paint and lead impacted products remain a problem despite the federal government restricting its use in 1978. Is it an issue we do not take lightly and neither should you even if there are no children in your home or in the area of your business. Our lead paint removal service is certified to handle any lead abatement project in homes or lead impacted buildings..

Commercial Lead Removal

We have years of experience with lead impacted buildings and specialize in commercial lead paint removal. We have worked with building owners to general contractors to state and federal clients. We offer options for demolishing portions of lead impacted buildings to just lead paint removal in certain areas of a building. An example of this would include steel beams that are having new steel attached to them and you need individual areas of lead paint removed to allow this activity to occur safely.

Residential Lead Removal

When we work on lead abatement in homes, we are only doing it where lead painted items are being removed. Usually, this is common in older homes where a remodeling project is going to happen and mainly during kitchen remodels where plaster with lead paint is buried below layers of other paint over the years. Our lead paint removal process includes a negative air enclosure with HEP Filtration and a decontamination suite to allow for worker entry.

All lead abatement is performed in this enclosure and the area is completely cleaned up before removing the air enclosure. All waste is taken back to our facility for proper disposal so you don’t have the hassle.

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