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Lead Paint Removal Services

Lead paint is an issue that should always be taken seriously (regardless of whether or not children are present). At Dirty Ducts Cleaning, Environmental, and Insulation we have the experience and certification (click here) to handle your project safely and efficiently. We have the ability to tackle all size jobs whether you’re replacing windows, all your siding, or need to clean an area to make clean welds and cuts.

Commercial Work

We specialize in commercial work with clients ranging from building owners to general contractors to state and federal clients. If your project involves lead impacted building items that you would like demolished such as a plaster wall or ceiling, we have the expertise to demolish this surfaces as well during our work. If you want the building item to say in place and only have the lead paint removed, we have the equipment and expertise to perform this as well. An examples of this would include steel beams that are having new steel attached to them and you need individual areas of lead paint stripped to allow this activity to occur safely.

Residential Work

Our residential work includes only those occasions where the lead painted items are also being removed. This is common in older homes where kitchen plaster walls with lead paint buried between paint layers is scheduled to come out for your remodel, etc. We will create a negative air enclosure with HEPA Filtration and a decontamination suite to allow worker entry.

All work is performed in this enclosure and the area is completely cleaned up before removing the air enclosure. All waste is taken back to our facility for proper disposal so you don’t have the hassle.

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