Dirty Ducts Cleaning

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Residential Duct Cleaning Services

According to NADCA, a typical home requires cleaning every 3 to 5 years. This may vary depending on pets, your cleaning habits, allergies, etc.

We also do several brand new homes before people even move in (an average brand new home has 13 gallons of drywall dust, debris, wood chips, sandwiches, etc. in the duct ventilation system).

We do thousands of residential homes a year. To price HVAC system cleaning, it is based off of the finished square footage of your home so you don’t get surprised later with “per vent” and “only 1 main run included” pricing. The average home takes three to four hours to clean. You can be home (most people are amazed and find it very entertaining to watch our technicians and trucks in action).

We provide a set of before and after photos so you can get an idea of what debris amount was in your dirty ductwork ventilation system (most people wish they would not have seen them).

Feel free to email us this filled out form and we can give you your price without requiring a home visit.

Here is a short video of a duct cleaning at a residence.

Dirty Ducts Cleaning - Duct Cleaning from Creative Edge Productions on Vimeo.





Beware of Duct Cleaning Scams, Not All Duct Cleaners are the Same:

Unfortunately in our industry there are dishonest companies. They typically do one of the following:

  1. Bait and Switch: They initially advertise a small amount of money to clean your ductwork with many hidden, small print fees. Once they are at your house they “hit you with the news” that you have to pay extra. Our pricing is based off the square footage of your home. You are quoted a price based on that square footage and that’s what you pay for that square footage. You are not up-charged for really dirty ductwork, extra branch ducts, extra vents, extra mains, etc., etc. Be sure you know that your pricing is all inclusive meaning that all supply air ductwork mains and branches are included and that all return air ductwork mains and branches are included. Be sure cleaning of your “A” coil is included. Be sure that all access panels are included.
  2. Vent Cleaning Vs Duct Cleaning: Some companies will clean your vents but you are under the assumption that they are also cleaning your ducts. They will show up typically with a car and vacuum, remove the vents, clean the vent covers and then reach inside the duct as far as they can reach with the vacuum. The main dirt and debris is left in the remaining ductwork they can’t reach. This would be like changing 10% of your car’s oil and expecting a 100% job.
  3. Inadequate Cleaning: Most of our work is out of your view because you cannot personally see inside the ductwork. We provide before and after pictures as well as allow you to be with our technicians throughout the cleaning. Some companies clean 20% or less of the ductwork and leave you with the bill for a 100% cleaning. We know because we’ve cleaned up behind them. Be sure your duct cleaning is NADCA Certified and check their references.
  4. Senior Citizen Discounts: Some companies offer these to specifically target Senior Citizens to try to sell additional services, etc. They feel that seniors can be taken advantage of more easily with a slick-talking salesman. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. Per Vent Pricing: This is not typically meant to be a scheme but one should be sure they know how many vents they have in their house. This can add up quickly. Some houses have over 50 vents. Many houses have high/low returns which means there is one return duct high on the wall and one close to the ground. Most of the time they charge for each one. This can be a big deal. We charge by the home's square footage. This lets us know approximately how many linear feet of ductwork is coming off your furnace and AC ventilation system and heading throughout your home. Be sure you understand fully what constitutes a vent so you are not surprised with changes later.

Here is a recent story that Dateline NBC did on Duct Cleaning.

If you are going to pay someone to clean your ductwork, please make sure they are going to do it right, and for the amount of money they told you.