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Industrial Cleaning Services

We all know dust can collect on anything and everything in your facility, which is why you will need, at some point, industrial cleaning services for your business. Often forgotten are the rafters and hard to reach places near the ceilings of your manufacturing plant.

We provide specialty manufacturing cleaning services for large and small facilities. We have clients from as far away as Texas call us for our industrial dust cleaning expertise. OSHA and the NFPA will hand out violations and fines if they discover unsafe levels of dust on your plant’s ceilings and rafters.

Dirty Ducts Industrial Cleaning Service technicians are prepared to do the dirty work.

Our industrial dust cleaning techs will clean spots in your manufacturing plant you don’t even think about.

Hard to reach spots are our specialty. Dust on top of the ductwork, up in the rafters, and in horizontal spaces can lead to unhealthy conditions in your manufacturing facility. There have been times where our industrial cleaning service crews have come in and found more than 3 inches of debris. This is unhealthy for your employees. Without industrial, manufacturing cleaning services, you could find your HVAC system clogged. The EPA lists poor air quality as the main cause for employee illness. Dust and dirt in your rafters are perfect for breeding mold, bacteria and mites. All of that can fall into the product you are creating.

Consider this a form of “housekeeping” for your manufacturing facility. Without industrial, manufacturing cleaning services, you could find also find your HVAC system clogged.

Our industrial cleaning services include:

  • Ceiling
  • Ceiling Truss
  • Rafters
  • Conduit
  • Lighting
  • Exterior of ductwork
  • Exhaust hood ventilation
  • Beams
  • Storage racks/shelving
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Ceiling Deck
  • Piping
  • And other elevated structural components

Normal cleaning crews will not perform industrial cleaning services.

You need professional manufacturing cleaning services to keep your facility running smoothly. We will visit your facility to develop a schedule that fits your safety needs and budget. Often we can help you determine exactly how often you need our industrial cleaning services following our initial cleaning. We can see how much buildup there is and which lines have more concerns, allowing us to put together your industrial dust cleaning schedule.

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