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Industrial Duct Cleaning Services

Dirty ducts and vents in your industrial facility may be the last thing on your mind until equipment goes down, costing you thousands of dollars in lost production. We understand how important air exchanges and exhaust air flow can be for your production and worker safety.

Our clients have had us go as far as Texas to serve their nationwide plants to ensure the job is done correctly. Our Vac Trucks allow us clean the most complicated and most built-up systems.

A common duct system we clean is the exhaust systems associated with our dust collectors. Clients often don’t realize the benefit of cleaning these systems as they don’t necessarily breathe this air in. The real concern is the buildup that begins to accumulate in the bottom of the ductwork which then creates a friction point for more debris to accumulate. Soon you have a 3” coating on the bottom of your ductwork and a spark gets sucked into the system leading to a smoldering fire which later ignites to a full-blown fire.

Accumulation in your exhaust ductwork also can lead to employees becoming sick from reduced exhaust flow at their work station (think of this buildup in your ductwork system as similar to a garden hose getting more and more pinched), dust collector systems breaking due to lack of air flow, etc.

Let us help you reduce the risk of production down time, costly fires and employees getting sick. We will visit your plant to develop a ductwork cleaning schedule that fits your safety needs and budget. Often we can help you determine exactly how often you need the ductwork cleaned following our initial cleaning. We can see how much buildup there is and which lines have more concerns, allowing us to put together your HVAC cleaning schedule.