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Dirty Ducts Offers Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Cleaning Services

To assist in overall communication with our team and yours, our Coronavirus (COVID-19) cleaning procedures are broken into 4 categories to include Phase I Limited, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV. Phase I Limited:  Proactive fogging and surface spray.  No known or suspect cases of anyone within the facility or those that facility staff have come in contact with or a facility member has traveled to an at risk area.  Phase I:  Proactive cleaning.  No known or ... more »

Is Your Dust Combustible

Combustible dust awareness continues to be a very serious topic when associated with manufacturing facilities.  Common materials involved in combustible dust buildup include grain, flour, sugar, powdered milk, powdered metals such as aluminum, magnesium and titanium, coal, sawdust, etc.  To this day we still hear far too often of explosions that are not only crumbling real estate but more importantly, taking human lives.  Your facilities risk can be greatly minimized with a solid mitigation ... more »

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