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Things To Know That Will Take The Fear Out Of Having Your Asbestos Removed

Having your asbestos removed may sound scary but it doesn't have to be.  Working with an experienced and licensed abatement contractor that uses the proper equipment and protection can do the job safely and successfully. 

Items to know when choosing an Asbestos Contractor in Wisconsin:

  • Asbestos removal should only be completed by a licensed asbestos abatement company.  In Wisconsin, this            certification is received by the DHS (Department of Health Services) and will list the company name, certification number, and expiration date.  Ask to see their certification (request it with the proposal) and if something does not seem legit you can call the DHS, 608-261-6876, and ask them to verify that the contractor is a current license holding abatement company.
  • Not only should the company be licensed, but their personnel should be as well.  There are different licenses for some exterior work such as roofing removal, but generally the personnel onsite performing the removal work should have:
    • One or more State of Wisconsin asbestos supervisor licenses
    • If there is more than 1 crew member on site performing the asbestos removal, the remaining crew members have either a valid asbestos supervisor card or an asbestos worker card.  
  • Asbestos supervisors and asbestos workers receive their licenses from the DHS.  These cards expire annually and are to be carried on the employee or held by the supervisor on the job site at all times.  This is something that is taken very seriously and checked by the DHS during random jobsite visits.  If you are concerned that an asbestos abatement crew member on your job is not licensed, dont hesitate to ask them to see their card and and confirm the date is valid. 
  • Asbestos removal should only be completed with a written contract in place detailing the project scope and associated pricing.  Avoid getting stuck with an asbestos contractor that has hidden costs that they try to stick you with later such as permit filing fees for needed permits and disposal of the asbestos waste upcharges.  A reputable asbestos removal contractor will have a proposal that clearly states the scope of the work being completed, what permits are being filed and associated costs, mentions that all disposal and charges is included, and that the work will meet or exceed DNR/DHS and OSHA regulations.  

Please feel free to check out our website www.dirtyductscleaning.com to learn more about asbestos abatement and see examples of the proper licensing documents.  

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