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Asbestos Abatement with Ductwork Cleaning

Abatement of asbestos flooring, asbestos pipe insulation and asbestos glues are the most common asbestos items we handle. On occasion, we have abated asbestos that is directly in the ductwork/airstream of a building or home. Obviously, properly abating this asbestos should be made a priority by the owner and using a company company with expertise in cleaning ductwork systems and abating asbestos makes the most sense for this project.

Examples of situations where we have completed ductwork cleaning with asbestos contamination include:

  1. A building’s air handler unit was internally lines with asbestos insulation board. One of these asbestos insulation boards became loose, causing it to fall into the air handlers’ fan and sending asbestos fibers throughout the ductwork and the gymnasium it was heating.  Luckily, the building was not occupied at the time. A third-party hygienist company was brought in to write the duct cleaning and asbestos abatement specifications which included cleaning of the entire gymnasium floor to ceiling, cleaning of all supply and return air ductwork, and removal of the remaining asbestos insulation from inside of the air handler unit.  The cleanup was a 100% success, including passing of all the associated air tests, asbestos abatement, asbestos dust cleaning up, and ductwork cleaning.
  2. A building used a concrete tunnel system that ran around the building’s perimeter as ductwork. This ductwork also had asbestos insulated piping that ran through it.  Over time the forced air running through this tunnel ductwork began to erode away the asbestos insulation. We abated the asbestos pipe insulation, cleaned the tunnel ductwork system, and coordinated a subcontractor to reinsulate the piping with fiberglass insulation with a PVC jacketing.  The project was a 100% success including the asbestos abatement, tunnel ductwork cleaning, and re-insulation.
  3. A home’s ductwork system had asbestos seam tape located inside the ductwork where the ductwork met the register boot. Over time, this asbestos seam tape became brittle, causing it to fall into the ductwork. Our team finished abating the remaining asbestos seam tape, cleaned the duct work system, and applied new duct sealant at the joints where the asbestos removal took place. The project was a 100% success including the asbestos abatement, ductwork cleaning, and duct joint sealing

These are just a few examples of asbestos abatement combined with ductwork cleaning. There is much more involved in the setup, licensing, disposal, and permitting that is not detailed above. If you encounter a scenario where the ductwork is contaminated with asbestos, it is best to leave it to a professional that does both asbestos abatement and ductwork cleaning.  Contact Dirty Ducts Cleaning & Environmental Inc. – We look forward to impressing you!

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