Dirty Ducts Cleaning

Clean & Healthy Air, Breath after Breath

Clean Exhaust Keeps The Workplace Safe

Proper maintenance on your dust/mist/particulate collector exhaust duct systems is imperative for a safe workplace for your employees.  Process exhaust duct systems and dust collectors not only remove and collect process debris and waste, but also provide clean air for your workers.  Depending on what type of industry you are working, many of these particles adhered to the duct walls can potentially lead to a fire hazard in the ductwork.

Signs your exhaust/collector ductwork needs cleaning:

  • visible debris growth or restriction at the intake
  • low face velocity at the intakes
  • added haze or mist in the air
  • collector is not filling as it should

As the owner of your company, please make sure to do your regular maintenance on your dust collectors and process exhaust dust systems. It is important that your employees have good clean air in the facility that they are working and also to keep the building safe from fires.

The best way to make sure your dust collector and process exhaust duct system are working correctly is to hire a professional to do the proper maintenance.  In most cases these systems require annual cleaning to maintain peak performance.  

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