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Air Duct Cleaning in Schools

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) at schools is more top of mind now than ever before due to COVID being in the news.  Did you know that indoor pollution levels may be 2-100 times higher inside a school then compared to outside the school?  Children breathe more per pound of body weight than adults which means they depend on better indoor air quality more than the average adult. 

The heating and cooling system are essentially the lungs of the school which means any contaminates inside them eventually become contaminants that occupants of the school will also breathe into their lungs.  This can include molds, asbestos, dust mites, dead skin cells, dander, just to name a few.  By cleaning the ductwork, you can increase the IAQ in your school as well as improve air flow and air exchanges in the building.  Think of a dirty ductwork system like a kinked hose.  Yes, the water can still get through the kinked hose but not like it was designed to.

If your school’s ductwork has not been cleaned in the past 8 years, it is likely overdue for a ductwork cleaning.  Besides the IAQ advantages, cleaning your ductwork may also increase energy efficiency prolong the life of your HVAC equipment. We find that the coils are often plugged by at least 50%, sometimes more!

Dirty Ducts Cleaning & Environmental specializes in cleaning ductwork in schools including coils, uni-ventilators, fan coils units, and more.  We will conduct a site visit to review your ductwork system as well as review any HVAC prints you have access to and put together a professional proposal to have your ductwork cleaned.  ESSER Fund money can also be used to clean this ductwork where funds are available.  Now is the time to improve the indoor air quality in your school, improve your energy efficiency, and pro-long the life of your HVAC equipment. 

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