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Helpful Tips To Ensure A Successful Mold Remediation Project

Like asbestos removal, mold removal and remediation sounds scary but it doesn't have to be.  An experienced contractor with the proper equipment can perform the project safely and successfully.  

Items to know when choosing a mold removal and remediation contractor in Wisconsin.  

  1. Mold removal and remediation in Wisconsin does not require a license to perform.  You want to make sure you choose a contractor with a strong and proven track record and one that has been providing these services successfully for several years.
  2. Mold removal and remediation should only be executed with a clear work contract in place that states:
    1.  exactly where the building the mold removal and remediation is taking place
    2.  how the mold removal and remediation will be performed
    3.  is the the mold removal and remediation being taking place in a containment setting
    4.  are disinfectants or inhibitors being applied following the removal?  If so, stay away from "bleach" applications unless it s a special circumstance
    5.  how long will the mold removal and remediation project take?  Make sure things are not being drug out if rebuild is needed putting you at a large inconvenience
    6.  does the mold removal include a warranty
    7.  does the proposal have a firm price?  Be sure you at least have a maximum budget listed for the scope of work
  3. Mold removal and remediation contractors typically dont repair the leaky pipe, roof, poor ventilation, or whatever caused the mold in the first place.  If they do the "repair" make they dont have a conflict of interest and run the bill up at your expense.
  4. Mold removal and remediation is more economical than one would think.  The quicker you resolve the situation the more you will save in the long run.

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