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Customer Service For The Service Industry?

It seems surprising to many of our customers that our technicians care. It seems that customer service is outdated.

We believe strongly that every customer is very important. This includes asbestos removal customers, mold remediation customers, duct cleanings on down to a single dryer vent cleaning in a residential home.

You, the customer, are paying for a service and a service is what you should expect. Time is money for both you and for us. You should expect us to be on time and if we are running a few minutes late you should expect a phone call telling you exactly that.

You should also expect quality service and a quality explanation to any questions you may have and if our techs cannot answer them, they will put you in touch with someone on our team that can.

Surprises in pricing? Bait and switch? You will not get these things from us. We don’t need to trick you to get in your front door. No, we will not retire from getting rich on your project, but we do expect to be a lifetime provider of services for you and those that you know. This would include for your home, at your work, at your future home, at your neighbor’s home, at your neighbors work, etc.

Be relieved and surprised and try a company that cares. Call us today for your residential, commercial, and industrial needs for asbestos removal, asbestos encapsulation, mold remediation, duct cleaning, industrial cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning.   We look forward to impressing YOU!


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