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Are you curious what items may contain asbestos in your business or home?

The following is a general list of materials that have been found to contain asbestos. This is not an all-inclusive list.

It is more likely to be found in 1979 and older facilities. Post-1979, it is still possible to find asbestos due to warehoused material and imported material (asbestos materials are still imported today).

  1. “Transite” Cement asbestos insulating panels
  2. “Transite” Cement asbestos wallboard
  3. “Transite” Cement asbestos siding
  4. “Transite” Cement piping (more commonly used for water mains and drains underground)
  5. Roofing materials (felt paper, flashing sheets, paints, tar, plastic cement, caulking)
  6. Waterproofing (felt paper, flashing sheets, paints, tar, plastic cement, caulking)
  7. Damp proofing
  8. Window Glazing Compound
  9. Caulking (around windows, doors, concrete joints, foundations, between walls section, cooping stone intersections, etc).
  10. Door insulation (commonly found on older doors with a fire rating).
  11. Flooring:
    1. 9”x9” tiles
    2. 12”x12” tiles
    3. Sheet Flooring
    4. Felt paper
    5. Linoleum-based products
    6. Glues that hold the flooring down (mastic)
  12. Plaster (sometimes in the plaster, sometimes in decorative plaster finish)
  13. Paints
  14. Textured coating
  15. Ceiling tile including ceiling tile adhesive—often called “hockey pucks”
  16. Electrical items:
    1. ducts (cable chases)
    2. Electrical panel partitions
    3. Electrical cloth
    4. Insulation, wiring
    5. Stage lighting
    6. Incandescent recessed fixtures
  17. Fire curtains (common on school stages)
  18. Insulation:
    1. Spray On Insulation to achieve fire ratings.
    2. Blown-In insulation, vermiculite
    3. Piping insulation (mag insulation, aerocell insulation which is commonly called cardboard)
    4. Pipe Fitting Insulation
    5. Ductwork Insulation
    6. Interior ductwork insulation (duct liner)
  19. HVAC and Plumbing Items:
    1. Piping Insulation
    2. Equipment insulation (water heaters, boilers, condensate tanks)
    3. Return Pan material more common in residential homes
    4. Duct boot insulation
    5. Joint tape
    6. Duct insulation
    7. Interior duct insulation (duct liner)
    8. Inside Air Handler Units
    9. Boiler insulation (exterior boiler insulation, sheets under the outside boiler tin, vermiculite around the bottom of the boiler, burner packing material, gaskets between sections, etc)
    10. Vibration Isolators
    11. Gaskets on valves
    12. Packings on valves
    13. Fire Dampener Components
    14. Flue transition sections
    15. Cooling tower
      1. fill
      2. transite panel sides
  • baffles or louvers
  1. Packing or rope (at penetrations thru floor or walls)
  2. Laboratory Related Items:
    1. Hoods
    2. Oven gaskets
    3. Bench tops
    4. Gloves
  3. Chalkboards

Not sure if it’s asbestos? Call today and we can put you in touch with licensed professionals to do the testing. If the material is confirmed to be asbestos containing we can provide you with a detailed estimate. We have done several thousand asbestos projects and look forward to impressing you.


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