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12" Asbestos Floor Tile

12" Asbestos Floor Tile

When the conversation of asbestos floor tile arises, it is usually associated only with 9" x 9".  In addition to to 9" squares, several manufacturers also produced 12" x 12" that contained asbestos.  Either of these tiles that were installed prior to 1980 should be presumed to contain asbestos.  In addition to the tile itself, you should also be suspect of the glue or mastic.


The same should also be alleged for older linoleum or linoleum like flooring as well as the adhesive used to install the material.  True linoleum is mostly made up of natural materials that do not contain asbestos.  Again for your safety, it is safest to assume that any resilient flooring installed prior to the 1980 is suspect.  The only way to know for sure if your materials do contain asbestos you should have them testes by a certified and licensed hygienist.


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