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Asbestos 101 " Early Years"

Asbestos 101 “Early Years”

  1. Asbestos occurs (naturally) in large deposits on all 7 continents.
  2. Archeologists have found dating back to the Stone Age
  3. Some Early uses of asbestos include:
    1. Asbestos wicks (in candles/lamps).
    2. Egyptian pharaohs wrapped in asbestos cloth (used to protect from deterioration)
    3. Clay pots (asbestos was used to strengthen them)
    4. Table cloths/napkins (asbestos fibers were woven to make a cloth like material)
  4. Romans and Greeks noted the following about asbestos:
    1. “sickness of the lungs” and “disease of slaves” in slaves who worked with asbestos
    2. Early attempts to deal with asbestos exposure included using a goat’s bladder as a respirator (to lessen inhalation of asbestos)
  5. Asbestos production increased heavily in the 1800s (during the industrial revolution). Asbestos was liked for several reasons during this time:
    1. Asbestos was used for its Chemical Resistance
    2. Asbestos was used as an insulator for Steam engine/turbines/boiler insulators
    3. Asbestos was a great binding agent for building materials, water and electricity made it an excellent insulator for the steam engines, turbines, boilers, ovens and electrical generators that powered the New Age. The malleable properties of asbestos made it an important building, binding and strengthening commodity.


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