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Asbestos In Schools

Asbestos In School

A majority of Wisconsin’s schools still contain asbestos building material. Our top ten asbestos materials we remove from schools are.

  1. Asbestos floor tile.
  2. Asbestos mastic and asbestos flooring glue.
  3. Asbestos caulking (door, window, spacrete)
  4. Asbestos window glazing.
  5. Asbestos pipe fittings and joint insulation.
  6. Asbestos pipe insulation.
  7. Asbestos lab counter tops.
  8. Asbestos transite in lab hoods and weld booths.
  9. Asbestos duct work insulation
  10. Asbestos on boilers (caulking, burner box packing, breeching insulation, refractors, boiler shell insulation, gaskets, door packings, etc.)


We service several hundred school each year for throughout Wisconsin and Iowa. Call today with your asbestos or asbestos encapsulation needs. We look forward to impressing you.

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